Soul to Soul

My name is Eva, and this space here is a window to my magical world. My life so far is full of art, mystery, and revelations, as well as different experiences that led me on a philosophical, psychological endeavor to find out the mechanisms of existence and the magic of life.

The first step is “Know thyself” – The Ancient Greek aphorism
“The second step is: “know what to do with thyself ” – paraphrased Mark Twain by me Twain said: “There are two important things that happen in life – being born and the second is: learning what you were born for.

This is my Soul-to-Soul project. It has a simple task – to create an environment for internal enlightenment in all who find it and come into contact with it. 

With my services and my art, I want to help others discover their natural abilities and assist them on the path of becoming more of their true selves.

Let’s embark on a Self-Discovery Expedition with courage, empathy, compassion, love, and the force within and find our real purpose here. To end the fears of “The end”  or “Death” and live a more natural life with an awareness of our true nature and abilities.

We can write our stories with our hearts and NOT with reflections, restrictions, boundaries, issues, traumas, and fears…

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