The birth of Love

Once upon a time was born a feeling,
which soon grew and frolicked among people freely.
Made them drunk and happy, day and night,
and shone on them like no other weary light.
So “Love” they called it, and it sang so sweetly,
enchanted all the living, lifting swiftly.
And only with an instant, flimsy grasp,
Love held their hearts and tickled them till gasp.
From mortal beasts turned into puppet dolls,
they were dancers with twirled heads and flying souls.
One day the Gods and Goddesses got frankly bored.
Daring thunders shook the grounds: they snored.
What did they feel? Well, Envy is hardly the word.
Let’s say it was a time for a change in the tender world.
Then, in just a moment, amid the colors of the vivid Earth,
to many sneaky, twisted feelings were given birth.
Soon they chased all who were in love,
until there were no other but the Gods to think of.
And thereafter,
was to be no more joyful laughter,
and giggly sounds,
only bitter, jealous hearts,
in the wicked dance of doubts!
And to this vacuous present-day LOVE hides
in the noblest of hearts and the clearest of minds.
Only those worthy of its warm and cozy lair,
shall feel True Love and share it with care.
Author: Eva Ivanova

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