Good night, goodnight,

my little knight,

my dear knight

of dreams

or so it seems…

“What will happen now?”

“No, don’t frown…”

I say: “Good night, goodnight

now there’s no creature to fight..”

You saw thousands of eyes

that were so tired they died

Your reality is now gone,

what’s left is an ugly gray stone…

At dawn when lightning strikes

I say: “Take that part of me you like,

so that you’re not alone.

it’s that rotten part of me that mourns

A new and better piece will soon grow –

a piece I’ll never show…

Sleep, sleep,

Deep, deep…

And wake up far away.

This flesh vessel is merely a tray.

And ashes to ashes…

Life is a force, here it merely flashes.

With you one of my reflections is gone.

And it wasn’t always beautiful, I know.

What I was to you will never reflect again.

A formation of a purer image has began…

Now I can’t miss what I never knew

what I really, really meant to you…

Good night, goodnight my brave knight,

’till we meet again in the vastness of the darkest night.”

All will be alright

All is to be right.


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