What is Evil?

“Who are you then?” 
“I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.” 
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Within a dream of dreams,

in the most memorable room,

we talked about how equal are two extremes

like the Rise and Fall in the Existence’s flume.

Then you asked me: “What is Evil?“

And before the memory slipped away,

it left a kiss on the window of retrievals

and this is what it had to say:

In illusive Light, whatever’s real fades.

Existence captures Life inside its Breath.

The Mind seeks rest beneath the shade

as Time is harnessed in the chariot of Death.

The Motion is unstoppable, yet it does not move.

It cannot be slowed or forced in speed.

It cares not and does not seek to prove

but constantly assures us of our needs.

By accepting or rejecting parts of the Creation,

we run from Chaos and secure illusions in a frame.

And True Essence flashes in an instant fulguration,

unburdened to decide what to praise or shame.

The Mind dwells. “Which is first: the Night or Day?”

It questions: “Isn’t Light born in the Dark?

And if Darkness completely goes away,

can in Light be seen a single spark?”

But the Play is written and the roles assigned.

The characters have cloaked the Truth within.

The stories have been deeply intertwined

so that only Grace can dance between.

So Grace dances with an even step on every Pole

moves freely, and hides from the spotlight of precision,

it sees the best in worst and the worst in best of roles

and it isn’t tempted to place them on the lines of the Division.

There is no need to judge with a burden or an ache.

The Tornado can be just a tantrum of the Breeze.

It can swiftly blow or harm and break

only if we are not at ease.

Grace tames not, but lives the Wild.

The Path to Peace isn’t paved with satisfaction.

All Existence is meant to fold and be defiled

for Life is parallels’ most perfect interaction.

And what is Evil but a mere misconception

or the Virtuous in conflict with itself:

in a construct built by layers of deception,

scattered in the feeble stories of ourselves.

And for the Mind that’s torn by opposite directions

as Grace is always dancing in a peaceful bliss

between the crooked mirroring reflections,

all it takes is to accept, with Faith, Life’s one True Love’s kiss.


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