To be born

While I was drowning in tears, pinned to the bed,

 a very loud voice said in my head:

“Being born is the worst thing that could happen

 and it already happened to me!”

You don’t like it but it’s quite positive, you see:

The worst is done, you can’t do worse than that.

No wrong turns – no matter how tilted the hat.

The physical manifestation can be a nightmare

 but it can also take you k(NO)w where.

The worst deed is done, you are free.

Free of the fears you can let yourself BE!

Someday you’ll go, removing physical chains.

Eternity isn’t defined by the paths of the veins.

This body may be a temporary cage

but inside was born a rare blank page.

It was spat on, beaten, kicked around,

quietly suffering, without making a sound

after it was crumpled! Soaked! Squished!

And was often others’ favorite dish…

It quenched that strong inner thirst…

Just by deeply knowing the worst.

It realized it was still blank underneath,

and always a part of the almighty heath.


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