Stress release

Stress release

The Stress Release service is a consultation service that REMOVES FEAR!

Often we feel stuck in different areas of our lives – relationships, work experience, or loss of a loved one.

Everything transforms into something else, sometimes the transformation is a little bit more drastic and we call it “Death”. There is the death of relationships (romantic, professional, friendships, etc.) and elimination of imputed frustration, stress, and just inability to go on is something almost all people go through. There should be no regrets. 

You may learn more about this service through a private e-mail where you will receive all of the information about the service provided here. Any explanation or any detailed information about it, is not going to be published here. You may request more detailed information about the service via the Contact form. 

This 4-sessions-service (60 minutes each) requires a transaction of 120 USD through PayPal or TransferWise or Revolut before the session.

 Use the Contact form to book.
Please specify in the first e-mail which service you require.